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Here you will find links to various ministries and programs that are fantastic resources and helps as you seek to be men of Integrity, men of Purity, men of Faith, men of the Word, and men of God!

Freedom from Porn Addiction is Within Your Reach

The Pure Man Ministry

Let's be honest - most men struggle with lust. We desire to be free, but we don't know how to stop. Many of us aren't even sure we want to.

We need a different approach!

Having personally battled with a 30+ year addiction to lust, porn and masturbation, National Men's Speaker, Author, and Purity Coach STEVE ETNER not only understands the struggle, but knows first-hand the victory only God can bring.

With The Point of Purity Program, Steve leads you through his proven 3-step process to help you develop the skills necessary to live in freedom and be the pure man you long to be!

Fight Club

Fight Club is a men’s discipleship resource developed by men, for men, to reach men- to turn the tide on mediocrity and cause men to stand and say “not on my watch!”

It carries the flavor of what men desire: camaraderie, competition, and challenge. It will push your men to keep up and to reach new levels with Jesus. Not every man that starts will finish, as it contains a three-strike rule. Men will link arms in real accountability and will be able to spur one another on to good works.

Men will grow intellectually, spiritually, physically and relationally. You will see immediate impact on the man daring to take this journey. This is not your typical discipleship packet. This resource is made for men, by men, to reach men.

BE a Man of God!